First Appointment and Fees

What happens when I first vist?

The first appointment takes approximately 45 minutes, the first part consists of an in depth history of the problem you are visiting about, and also any previous problems. Then I ask questions about your medical history, any medication you are on and your lifestyle. Following that I will give you an examination, which may involve removal of some clothing, and various movements performed to determine cause of the problem.

I will explain any findings with you and whether treatment will help. If it is decided osteopathic treatment is not suitable for you I may be refer you to your GP or for further tests and no charge is made. There is full patient confidentiality and any referrals will be with your consent.

I will try and give you an idea of how many treatments you might need and what improvement you should expect. It is often difficult to give this exactly as it varies between individuals and sometimes I have a better idea after a couple of treatments. On the whole I expect an improvement within a couple of treatments.

If you agree I will treat you in the first appointment.

Treatment fees


First Appointment - £50

Subsequent appointments - £40

16-18 years old

First Appointment - £35

Subsequent appointments - £30